Virto-Cuccolini’s experience in gentle handling of fragile products to be sieved

Mechanical vibration is a measure used to create movement in a specific product during its processing.

In the case of vibrating sieves and screens, the vibration is created with the aim to randomly move the particles of a product on a mesh table or deck, which is meant to retain the bigger particles which cannot flow through the mesh’s apertures.

Vibration can be gentle or hard, depending on the aim of the process and on the force necessary to achieve a free movement of the particles on the sieve.

Is it possible to sieve a fragile product and maintain its physical characteristics unaltered throughout the process?

After our decades-long experience with many different products and applications, we can say – yes, it is.

Here are three enlightening examples:

These three cases all have in common the goal, not just to separate the product of main interest from the by-product (coffee grains from coffee grain fragments; live larvae from sawdust; spirulina algae from their cultivating water); but also to maintain the product’s physical characteristics completely unaltered.

Thanks to the specific focus that Virto-Cuccolini’s technical team is dedicating to each application we are required to test, it is possible to achieve a suitable configuration of the main elements which are responsible for vibration in a sieve: the motovibrators’ power and masses; the tension of the mesh; sometimes, also the type of mesh can make a difference.

Are you thinking of sieving a fragile product and you are not sure it can work? Contact us to organize a test and we can check together how to configure the best possible solution for your needs!

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