Sieving spirulina at 15 µm: Virto-Cuccolini takes a step forward

While the spirulina market continues to grow, Virto-Cuccolini takes up the challenge for even finer screening and reaches 15 µm!

We have already talked about Virto-Cuccolini’s commitment in the spirulina segment, a seaweed with very high nutritional potential, in full rise in the food sector.

The sector’s demands lead to an increasingly finer sifting, to keep as much oversize product as possible and eliminate only water, to be recycled in the aquaculture process.

We have recently supplied an Italian producer with a convenient and functional sieving system complete with a trolley, a product suction pump from aquaculture, a spirulina sieve at 15 µm, a drain tank and water recycling system, accompanied by another vibrating sieve for the seaweed washing.

In this video, an overview of the system, ready for shipment:

If you are looking for a system for screening spirulina, we are at your disposal: Contact us using the form below!

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