Light & strong: Virto-Cuccolini’s titanium screening efficiency supports industrial innovation

Titanium counts for being one of the most versatile materials in today’s industrial applications. The winning connection between titanium powder and 3D printing makes it now even easier to produce components within challenging contexts.

Titanium is a light and durable material at the same time. It resists corrosion and is easy to incorporate into metal alloys so that it can be applied as structural metal in automotive, aerospace, building and medical industry. 3D printing, in particular, is pushing the use of titanium to new limits, where very fine particles are bound together to form components with unique, unprecedented shapes.

This is where Virto-Cuccolini’s X-Line disruptive multi-frequency sieving technology comes into play.

We know how essential it is for metal powders producers to classify their product into targeted offers for each specific 3D printing application.

That’s why Virto-Cuccolini’s X-Line sieves range is continuously evolving to respond to this need with a sieving system reaching the finest required particle sizes – like 75, 45, 25 and 11 µm.


By definition, fine particles usually tend to clog sieving meshes, making it impossible to guarantee sieving efficiency over time. X-Line’s multi-frequency technology, able to keep the mesh clean over time, acts as a game-changer, freeing the sieving process from its natural obstacles and obtaining exceptional results.

Create new metal powders products with X-Line multi-frequency technology! Contact us and discover how we can support you!

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