Let’s get to know Virto-Cuccolini’s VP2 for safety sieving

Safety sieving is one of the most common industrial sieving processes.

The aim of safety sieving is to intercept coarse particles like insects, metal or plastic particles, coarse particles in general, whose presence may cause the main product to lose its quality.

In safety sieving, the oversize product is generally limited with respect to the main product (the undersize, in this case).

How has Virto-Cuccolini created its VP2 series for safety sieving?

Of course, we have taken into account many aspects:

  • the high speed of this process, which shall not slow down the speed of the whole production line
  • the generally high flow rate required for the main, undersize product
  • the typical installation context of such a process, which requires limited space
  • the easiness of maintenance: which may not be frequent, but shall be carried out quickly

And that’s how our VP2 series was born!

If you want to observe our sieve more closely, you can have a look at below video:

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