How to choose between a rotary sieve and a circular vibrating screen?


We gladly give you our answer below to make it easier for you to select the type of sieve most suitable for your application, deep diving into the characteristics of the two screening technologies.

A rotary screen or sieve allows the screening of powder products by pushing the particles through the sieving mesh, using a screw conveyor or a rotating paddles system.

A vibrating screen or circular screen – or also a tumbler – allows the screening of powder products through the vibration or nutation movement transmitted by the motor or nutation mechanism installed on board. No rotating part is therefore involved in the process and the particles descend by gravity through the screening mesh and following the movement impressed by the machine.

In a vibrating screen, the absence of rotating parts brings following advantages:

  • maintenance is simpler, since it does not involve rotating parts or their accessories (bearings, seals, paddles or other similar components)
  • cleaning is easier too, because the product flow areas are spacious and easily accessible thanks to the design – completely made of stainless steel – designed to prevent stagnation
  • the mesh is more protected and not subject to stress by rotating parts
  • the noise level of a circular vibrating screen does not exceed 70 dbA, while the rotating parts might be noisier.

In cases where greater screening precision is required, the circular vibrating screen is also more suitable, because the oversize fraction (that is, particles bigger than required cut point size) remains absolutely separated from the rest of sieved product, guaranteeing greater separation efficiency.

A circular vibrating screen also has smaller dimensions in height than a rotary sieve. Therefore it can save space in the installation. It is capable, if appropriately sized, to reach high screening capacities. In addition, a circular vibrating sieve can also separate solid particles from liquid products, with a specific configuration.

Would you like to evaluate the installation of a Virto-Cuccolini circular vibrating screen instead of a rotary screen?

We can carefully check your application, also including a screening tests performance at our laboratory, which is at your disposal. The Virto-Cuccolini range is wide and includes various solutions studied over time thanks to the experience gained over decades of presence in the bulk handling sector at an international level. CONTACT US here below!

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