Additive manufacturing quality control: Virto-Cuccolini’s commitment for 3D printing

As additive manufacturing is growing, the industry itself is discussing about how to carry out a proper and reliable quality certification procedure within such an innovative process.

Powder handling is one of additive manufacturing main phases: as producers of bulk handling machinery, we feel our responsibility in providing 3D printing companies worldwide with a process – screening – which shall help them keep powder raw material constantly under control, especially within its recycling phase, and guarantee them a repeat quality level throughout their production cycle.

Our most recent and continuously growing experience in metal powders screening – backed up by a long-time knowledge of bulk handling processes in other industries – is giving us the opportunity to serve 3D printing companies in a very useful way.

Powder screening taught us along all these years how difficult sieving can be; and how to overcome potential obstacles, specifically within a high precision sieving process, like the one required by all Companies dealing with metal powders. For this reason, our X-Line circular sieves with a multi-frequency patented vibration system were born.

The incredible power applied to the X-Line mesh in dozens of case studies, carried out by Virto-Cuccolini for main global metal powder producers, proved to be our cut-edge solution to prevent mesh blinding and allow the product to flow properly throughout the screening process.

Have a look here below at one of our metal powders screening lab tests:



Your product demands quality – and we are here to help you.

Would you like to check how Virto-Cuccolini’s X-Line is able to support the quality level of your 3D printing process? Contact us!

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